Flowers of Fairhaven
A Very Local Honey

2022’s Flowers of Fairhaven Honey was harvested in early September and bottled, as always, in one-pint canning jars, 1.5 lbs of delicious wildflower honey from my hives located at the foot of Galbraith Mt and just around the corner from Chuckanut Falls.

This “very local” honey is a product of all the nectars my bees have been gathering since spring. A beekeeper’s guesstimate for this year’s blend is 70% Fireweed, 20% Himalayan Blackberry and the rest a mix of nectars from a wide variety of local blooms.

Fireweed is a lovely tall-growing mountain wildflower that has established itself at lower altitudes around Whatcom County over the last few years. Fireweed nectar creates a very unique honey.

Fireweed grows where there has been recent soil disturbance, then spreads quickly via airborne seeds and root propagation. It’s often one of the earliest opportunists after a forest fire, hence its name, but also pops up following logging operations. 

You might think it would make a hardy, heavy honey, but surprisingly not so. Sometimes called the champagne of honeys, Fireweed honey is light in color, has a buttery mouth-feel and a uniquely sweet flavor with hints of butterscotch and caramel. Finishes with a sparkle of spice!

Cheers, Michael

Michael Jaross
Whatcom Bee Help

Pints:  $20    To order:  Contact Michael