My 2020 Queens are available now. These queens emerged July 1st and 2nd. This is a good time to requeen to improve your stock or to reinvigorate spring nucs and packages that didn’t work out as hoped for.

These are Carniolan-ish queens from stock I’ve been refining for over ten years. The mother queen for this year’s selection came through the winter handily, produced a superior 10-frame nuc and will yield a fair amount of honey even as I’m using her to foster daughter queens.

In rearing queens I select for gentleness, overwintering success and rapid spring build up. These are Carniolan-style bees so slightly more swarm-prone than other mellifera subspecies. I don’t select against swarming as I’m able to prevent almost all swarms.  Every beekeeper should strive to do this. Most swarms go uncaptured and turn into mite-bombs, jeopardizing the health of all bees within flying range.

Queens will come in JZBZ Queen cages inside brown paper bags. They are marked Yellow for high visibility on the frame.  There will be attendant bees in the bag, but not in the cage. When you’re ready to install a queen, let the attendant bees fly out and install the queen cage using your preferred method. There will be a small piece of absorbent fabric soaked with syrup to keep the bees nourished in transit.

2020 Queens: $50 each.

Contact me if you’re interested in a quality local queen. Use the contact form on this website or text me at: (360) 483-9754.

Cheers, Michael

Michael Jaross                                                        Whatcom Bee Help